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About Instructor
Yoga instructor, Prenatal yoga instructor, Pregant excercise instructor, After birth yoga instructor, childbirth educator and Dular.
Duangphon Saentaweesuk (Awesome)

Philosophy: I have always believed that every mother has her own identity. If we open our minds to learn, we discover that our bodies and minds can face more challenges than we think. You can increase your positive energy by practicing yoga and preparing for the right childbirth.

Passion: Pregnancy is special for all women and childbirth is a miracle that nature has made for all mothers. The pregnant mother prepares herself during pregnancy, both physically, mentally and spiritually. In addition to being a positive energy boost during pregnancy, it can also lead to a positive experience during labor and postpartum both for the mother. Children and people around

Feedback from students

Malissa Black
I hired Awesome as my Doula to help me achieve a calm and empowering birth. She put me at ease from our first meeting and has a fantastic sense of humour. Awesome worked with me and my husband over numerous sessions at our home arming us with knowledge and techniques around birth including pain management practices, massage and labour positions.
Awesome listened to me and understood what it was I needed. I felt supported throughout. She was a source of strength for me in the labour room and I'll forever be grateful for every positive aspect she brought to my birth.

Whenever I see a full moon I'll think of her 😉🙏

I recommend Awesome to anyone hoping to achieve a calm and positive birth.
Amornrat Jum Lance
It's very good for mum-to-be to know about their babies since they're inside the womb and learning childbirth education is very awesome, you will know and understand more about birth, body system when birthing and you will get more confident that you can do it the Normal Birth!
Gee-Trudy Langford
She very good it good for people want to relax good for body make u strong 💪 5star
Baida Al Ayyar
Awesome is passionate about birth, an excellent Yogi & is full of love to give to her students. Happy she has joined the birthing world & to call her a colleague