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Online Training
Getting things done is a process. It demands accountability, and has clear goals. Follow through is the most valuable asset to any organisation. Successful teams ask questions, evaluate reality, and navigate toward specific solutions.
Why you should train with Awesome Birth Yoga?
Stay fit while spending less time and money
  • Online training
    All our classes are live in real-time. We don't use pre-recorded videos
  • Time saving
    You don't waste time going to the gym and waiting in line to the locker room
  • Getting feedback
    The instructor can adjust your technique for any exercise during the video call
  • Be anywhere in
    the world
    You can be located anywhere, as long as you have Internet access
What you need to start our classes
Stable Internet connection
You can join our classes using any device: smartphone, laptop, or smart TV.
Space of at least 2x2 meters
The minimum space where you can put a laptop or smartphone at a distance of 1.5–2 meters from you.
Minimal inventory (optional)
It is great if you have an exercise mat and dumbbells. If not, you can replace them with a blanket or a carpet and water bottles.
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I have been helping mothers and women get healthy and fits during covid and continue to train online. It's convenience of time and location. Whether you are on your travel or living oversea you can train with me. Please contact me through facebook, whatsapp, call or email.
Intermediate level need more focus and muscle strength, I will guide you through all the process and make sure to get the most out of your time.
600 AED/Session
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Advance level for student who pass basic and intermediate level. 
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